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Rich ideas for designers and furnitu



  • Glamorous Depth

  • Top-level Brightness

  • Cost Advantage

  • Wide product and color range

  • Top quality and color continuity

  • Durable and top quality MDF Panel coating

  • Use of right quantity paint and coating for top quality surface

  • Durable and hard surface through UV curing process

  • Ease of machining with standard woodworking tools

  • Productive panel with 3660mm x 1830mm size to decrease scrap

  • Protection film to prevent damage during transportation

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VetroGloss HighGloss panels have outstanding gloss and depth. To achieve this effect, we use more intensive raw materials and customized formulae. Additionally, our products have high levels of physical characteristics and continue to impress you for many years without losing their excellent features during daily use.



In addition to the high level of brightness in our products, we have metallic luminous panels for our designer, architect and furniture manufacturer customers who want a metallic effect. These panels have a metallic look that we provide with a special process and offer this metallic effect in addition to the top level quality characteristics available in all of our products.

Wood Pattern HighGloss MDF panel


You can use our wood pattern HighGloss MDF panels for your natural-looking furniture and designs. They can answer your needs when you are looking for natural appearance, gloss and high-level physical strength at the same time. We are continuously adding to our wood patterns.

Customs design HighGloss Panels with depth and gloss


You can create the desired effect with our custom design products where special high-gloss panels are needed in different models. From custom patterns to marble designs, our Custom Designs are preffered for their affordability, durability and gloss. They provide our customers with greater ease of use and more processing options.

Choose VetroGloss in your furniture for top quality, glossy, scratch-resistant and durable HighGloss surfaces.

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